Mushfiqur Rahim Story during this pandemic

Assalamualaikum Hello everyone this is Mushfiqur Rahim here, current player of the Bangladesh national cricket team. When i was young i was crazy about playing cricket. i used to go with my elder brothers on the field and played with them..i also play cricket in schools as well. After that, when i was in class seven i got admitted to BKSP and from there Alhamdulillah i had the opportunity to showcase my talent and got the platform to perform on the highest level.

1 : What do you have to say to your fans going through such a difficult time?

I think as we haven’t faced this kind of crisis situation before, we don’t know how to handle this situation better. For me, I think we have to stay home as much as we can. If u go outside then strictly follow the health rules. Try to help poor people in this pandemic, perform prayer more than the past, seek forgiveness, have patience and pray to Almighty Allah so that he can give us Shifa’ah (cure) as He is the only one who can save the whole world from this pandemic…

2 : How are you doing during this pandemic and what are somethings you miss ?

First of all, it is very disappointing and frustrating for anyone to sit in their house for a long time… on the other hand I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family. To be honest being a cricketer we hardly get this much holiday. In my last 15 year cricketing career. i haven’t spent this much time at home. Alhamdulillah so far I am enjoying this break but Peeing so sorry for those . people who got affected and died for the virus..

i am certainly missing my cricketing activities the most…i am not able to go outside for practice…

3 : Mashrafe Bin Mortaza your teammate recently tested positive, how did you feel when you heard this news?

It was really shocking but the way this virus is spreading in our country it looks like most of us will be affected by this virus.. I think the people of Bangladesh are not well educated and also are not aware of this situation. Moreover they are not maintaining the very least of the health rules. Brother like Mashrafee Bin Mortaza is a legend and In shaa Allah he will recover soon..By hearing this news i am taking more caution now…i personally think it is very difficult for the government to take care of people all over Bangladesh. Personal health rules should be followed strictly for our own safety as well as for our family members, until there is a vaccine invented…

4 : What does a regular day look like for you now?

Once I wake up from bed, I do physical activities using the treadmill and all the weights that I have bought… then I play with my son-sometimes I feed him with my hand, sometimes I play with him in the shower. Listening to the HOLY QURAN is one of the activities I am doing nowadays along with helping my wife with household works, learning some cooking from her and trying to cook some dishes as well.

5.: Now have you been dealing with Covid 19 as a player?

As a player it is difficult to maintain your focus and patience to be honest because we don’t know when and how long will it take to recover from this pandemic..So therefore staying most of the time at home was challenging but as a player I am maintaining my fitness level, trying to follow a good appetite and also washing my hands frequently. If I have to go outside for an emergency basis I always wear a mask and hand gloves. After coming back from outside I make sure to give all my clothes for washing and take a shower. Being a player and also a citizen of Bangladesh I have some social responsibility as well. I am doing some awareness programme with the government…) am trying to help the poor people…things like that…

6 : How has Covid 19 affected your work life/practice?

Covid-19 has not only affected my work, it has affected the whole world… Being an athlete I can’t go outside. I have to maintain my fitness by doing all the physical activities at home. I also can’t go to the field and do skill work which is frustrating… I can’t go to the mosque frequently for prayer, can’t go to my relatives’ houses, cannot go for shopping etc.

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